Fun fact: I've always wanted to be on a game show, and I really think I'd be awesome at Wheel of Fortune, so when I heard they were holding auditions in Atlantic City, I had to go!

How it works is, you fill out an application, and drop it into a bin. They pull those applications at random five at a time, and those people get to go up on stage to audition and show off their personalities during a 'speed round.'

While I was there, they probably called about 50 people up over two audition rounds.

They announce they are getting ready to call the last five names, and I'm still hopeful! Marty, the faux-Pat Sajak of WOF auditions, says, "Okay, here we go, the last name of this weekend's auditions...LAURIE...(some name other than Cataldo)!!"

GAHHHHHHHH. So bummed!

In any case, it was still fun to go and see, and I'm not giving up hope! They take all the applications that weren't called and pick a few more at random to be part of the final auditions, so I still have a chance!

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