Mark is from Marlboro. Courtney is from Manalapan. They told their story on our show this morning and here are the photos and video.

(Photo courtesy of Courtney and Mark)

They met as teenagers working at Shop Rite. Eventually Courtney Moed and Mark Melendez took each other to their proms. And dated for ten years leading up to this very special surprise proposal.

Their favorite song is called "Dance With Me" by Morgan Evans. So when Mark found out he was going to do a concert at The Stone Pony, his secret wish was the dream of proposing to Courtney on stage during that song.

But how do you reach a celebrity and make that request? Mark thought he'd try, just in case there was any crazy possibility of making this happen.

So he did what anyone would do in the social age and sent messages to Morgan Evans on Instagram and Facebook.

But he never got a response. Months went by. So they got tickets to the concert anyway to go as a group with Courtney's family for a fun night out, and Mark figured he'd just get down on one knee during that song no matter that they would be in the middle of the audience.

But then, the morning of the show, Mark woke up to a message from Morgan on Facebook saying "Yeah man, Let's work it out!" Mark says he almost broke down in tears because he couldn't believe what he was seeing. To his utter disbelief, Morgan's manager suggested that Morgan sing the first verse of "Dance With Me" and then invite Mark and Courtney up on stage so he could pop the question.

(Photo courtesy of Courtney and Mark)

At this point, Mark says he was hysterical. He called Courtney's brother (Billy) and the two of them just about lost their minds on the phone. When it all finally went down, Mark says the crowd was so supportive that the whole experience was unbelievable.

Mark says, "I'm forever grateful to Morgan and his crew for allowing me to propose in the middle of his, and our, favorite song. I'm thankful to Courtney for making me feel like the luckiest person in the world, I'm very thankful to her family for supporting me with my plans, and I'm thankful to everyone who was there to live the moment with us. The night was one we'll never forget and I'm so happy it turned out the way it did. We're still living in the dream of the whole thing and we keep telling each other we can't believe the night turned out the way it did."

Courtney says, "As for me, I was completely speechless when Morgan asked us on stage. I didn't think it was real! I still can't believe it wasn't a dream." Thanks to Courtney's brother and his's the video of that great moment.


Thanks so much for sharing this incredible story with us. Dreams really do come true!

(Photo courtesy of Mark and Courtney)