Marine Life Testing Positive For THC Off The Coast Of Asbury Park, New Jersey?

What kind of article is this? What are we talking about here, is that even possible? How stupid am I for thinking about this? I don't know what my bosses are going to think about this one...

Honestly, after what I witnessed the other night, I think all Asbury Park marine life was feeling some type of way.

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I went to my first ever reggae concert. You ever hear of the band Rebelution? Until that night, I pretty much knew nothing about them, but my best friend enjoys their tunes so I decided to tag along. When you have the chance to see a show at The Stone Pony Summer Stage, it doesn't matter who is playing, you go! It was an awesome night and I'm already itching to see more LIVE music...

Anyway, one of my favorite things about going to a Stone Pony show is having the ability to see talented musicians play big-time music, inches away from the ocean. Yes, near the ocean, and yes, it was a reggae concert which means hundreds, maybe even thousands of people were smoking grass. I've never seen that many people smoking in one place at one time. It was an interesting first reggae concert experience.

What does this have anything to do with marine life testing positive for THC? With the entire venue packed with a cloud of smoke and a west wind that was probably blowing at 8 mph, I couldn't help but notice how the smoke was getting engulfed by the surf. I thought to myself, this has to affect the marine life in Asbury Park. The fish, the seagulls, and the crab seemed to be searching for an extra boardwalk french fry. I know this is very dumb, but for some odd reason, this idiotic thought popped into my head during the show. Who knows, maybe the fish felt the heavy reggae beat a little harder that night...I don't know what I am saying, I guess these are the things you think about after your first reggae concert.

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