Wawa is life. Be honest, you can navigate that ordering touchscreen like a pro. You may be going so fast that you're missing the secret menu.

Wawa continues to innovate and we've been keeping you up to speed from the beginning. From delivery being rolled out to indoor seating, and the opening of the largest Wawa in Washington D.C.

Thanks to BillyPenn, we've found out there's a secret Wawa menu. Accessing it is easy.

Look for the Wawa bird in the lower left corner of the screen. When you see it, touch it. Just like that, you've accessed the secret menu. It'll look something like this.

Billy Penn via YouTube
Billy Penn via YouTube

For now, there are only two items on the Wawa secret menu. A birthday cake smoothie or milkshake. Hopefully, once the "secret" is out, they'll add more goodness to the menu. Check out how it works from beginning to end in this video.

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