OMG!!!!! Who is excited for NKOTB??????

We are having some fun on the Jersey Shore Morning Show with Car-e-oh-kee!  All week long we are taking calls from fans who think they can finish the lyric of one of New Kids On The Block's hits.

It's super easy to play...just listen for when Lou and I tell you to call in and then call us at 732-643-0943.  We'll play you the first part of the clip and then you do your best car karaoke!  If you can finish the lyric then you get to go to the show!

They are performing at Prudential Center on July 14th.  I've personally been to two of their come-back shows and they sound and look better than ever!  I'm seriously impressed with the effort they put into absolutely putting on the most high-energy and nostalgic show possible.

Who is your favorite?  Jordan, Donny, Jonathan or Joey?  I love them all but Joey's Boston accent always had me melt.  If you can't call in there is still another way in, you can download our free 94.3 The Point station app and tap the Win Stuff tab and you can enter to win there too.

Just to give you an idea of the car karaoke (Car-e-oh-kee) difficulty level, today we used Joey Mac's classic "Please Don't Go Girl".  We played "I love you...I guess I always will..."  then you would have had to come up with, "you're my best friend, your my love within."

Not so hard right?  You can do it!  Just channel your inner 90's kid.  Let's play tomorrow!  NKOTB are sadly not from Jersey but here is a list of celebrities for every letter of the alphabet that are!

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