Our rudeness reputation here at the Jersey Shore sometimes doesn't do us justice. Locals know that we're generally very polite. And recently, I put one Jersey Shore town's politeness to the test.

I spent a little time at several spots where most people run into their friends and neighbors, like the Bridge Ave Stop & Shop, as well as Butler Pharmacy, Point Pizza and the Bridge Ave 7/11 to clandestinely eavesdrop on verbal transactions just to prove that Point Boro people are among the most polite people you can find.

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It's not scientific or anything, but I  wanted to knowhow many people actually say thank you, or exchange "Point Pleasantries" (I need to trademark that) after their transaction.  i kept count over a one week period until the total transactions hit 50, and the results were pretty surprising.

It turns out, the percentage of people who take the extra second to thank these workers for what they do is a huge umber. It's a whopping percentage that will make you proud and  maybe even make you tear up.

The fine folks of Point Pleasant Boro and surrounding areas lit up our percentage machine like an A.C. slot machine. Amazingly, 47 out of 51 shoppers said thank you. That's a whopping 92%.

And by the way, 1 of the people who didn't say thank you had a crying baby (7/11). That's a totally acceptable excuse in our book. 2 of the remaining 3 were busy on their phones (Stop & Shop), and we think they could have paused the conversation a minute to say thanks.

That would have upped the percentage to 96%, and that would be very Point Boro. We only did this in one town so far, but we may be coming to your town, too. So get the pleasantries ready. You never know who's noticing!

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