This August has been one of the hottest months in New Jersey since 2016.

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I know you've felt it.

I feel like we had more days over 90 degrees than with rain. Great for our beachgoers but not so great for people who like to drink water.

an autumn road

So what does this mean we should expect weather wise for the upcoming Fall season?

The answer given on comes with a few downsides so let's get to it:

"All signs are pointing to a warmer than normal September in New Jersey but there are no clear indications on whether the amount of rain we get will be above average, below average or just average."

The warmer weather sounds lovely for the local Summer season if you ask me.


However, this unpredictable rainfall could make our dire drought even worse. If you haven't already, start watching how much water you consume on a regular basis and let's hope for rain soon.

That isn't the only downside experts are predicting and unfortunately, you Instagramers and TikTokers aren't going to love this next part.

According to, "Some forecasters are already predicting a lackluster fall foliage season in New Jersey and other northern states because of the extremely hot and dry summer."

This means less pretty trees, not as colorful leaves and I know you are heartbroken because now your social media accounts will suffer.

pumpkin gourd
Paul Grecaud, Thinkstock

I am seriously hoping that the experts are wrong about that last part.

Raking up a pile of leaves to jump in and throw at my sisters was an annual tradition and I hope other kids can carry on the tradition this year.

It is not even the first day of September so I can't believe the resource I am about to offer you.

Here are some of the top Fall activities at the Jersey Shore. Don't forget that flannel shirt!

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