Well hello everyone.

So we have discussed the do's and don'ts of the beach, boardwalk and boating lifestyle many times and one of the top rules is to leave an area just as clean, if not cleaner, than you found it.

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This rule is discussed so often because it is broken extremely often. Annoying...I know....

Who knew putting an empty, paper Jersey Mike's bag would be such a daunting task for people while they visit the beach.

But this post isn't even about a piece of garbage that I saw...it was worse.

Nicole S Murray
Nicole S Murray

I was walking Carolina when I stumbled upon whatever the heck this is. It looks like a few wrappers, an empty plastic bottle and a dirty towel just left near the park.


I know I get seriously annoyed whenever I see wrappers and what not around the Jersey Shore but I also get that mistakes happen. Those little suckers fly out of your pocket and no one is perfect.

What makes me angry is when people don't care and as a result, the litter that is left on the boardwalk, beaches and streets is a result of recklessness and laziness.

But this brings this issue to a whole new level.

I don't know if someone decided to camp out for a quick picnic or what but how on earth are you going to put together that set up without cleaning it up?

It's not like it is easy for one to miss while walking by.

But this is the type of laziness that I am referencing. This was not left by accident.

And when things like this pop up just as the Summer season starts to get going...all of the locals think one thing: "It was a benny."

*Initiating Mom Voice* I don't care who did it. I am just disappointed and don't want it to happen again.

So to my locals....take care of our home!

To our Benny's....If you are visiting somewhere that isn't your home, it is more important to treat it with respect. How would you feel if someone came over and left trash all of your house. You wouldn't like it, would you?

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Clean. Up. After. Yourself.

Thank You!

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