Liz and Nancy just got back from a week off. I'll be taking some time soon as well. It's vacation season! In every office around Monmouth and Ocean counties there's an empty desk or two every week. So how are we spending our vacation time...and vacation money?

So many people are doing staycations this year. It's a little easier on the pocketbook and I also think it's less stressful. You don't have two spend the weeks prior to a trip coordinating who's watching the pets, who's getting the mail, who's picking you up at the airport, etc.

Lots of other people are doing day trips. It's fun and you get to see some awesome local stuff you never seem to have time to visit. Isn't it amazing how many people travel so far to vacation here to see things we live 5 minutes away from, yet somehow we never get there ourselves.

Then's there's lucky enough to get away for a trip or a cruise. There is something amazing about getting away, literally, from all the stresses in life, and sometimes the only way to do it is to put miles between you and the things that stress you out.

So what are you going to do?

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