With the new Aldi/Starbucks shopping center on one side, Rook booming on the other side, the super popular TJMaxx/Whole Foods shopping center, and the Panera Bread/Acme ... Rt. 35 is INSANE!

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)
(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

What would help?

Another traffic light? Getting rid of the suicide lane? Putting up a BARRIER and JUGHANDLES? (Eeeeeesssssssssshhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!)

We are SO happy to see all of the new businesses opening up in Wall Township...from restaurants to retail stores and the coffee shops, etc., but what can we do to make our roads safer?

I was in that area yesterday around lunch time and around the time school let out, and it was just crazy.

What are your suggestions?

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