It's no mystery what New Jersey is named for, but how much do you really know about Jersey?

If your answer to the question 'what do you know about Jersey' involves traffic, taxes and hairspray, you're talking about the wrong Jersey. You're talking about the new one, and we're talking about the original one.

The place that the Garden State is named after is the island of Jersey in the English Channel. But how much do you know about the place we're named after? Do they complain about traffic? How is the cost of living there? Do they grow tomatoes?

Let's get a brief overview of Jersey. We know it's an island, so there are beautiful coastlines to enjoy, just like it's newer namesake here in the states. They also love and need their tourist industry, just check out to see what I mean.

And you'll never guess what the island of Jersey is famous for when it comes to food. Yep, it's fresh seafood. Sound familiar?

And the website also boasts about local farmer's markets, music festivals and outdoor film screenings. Now it's getting a little weird.

There are differences of course. The island of Jersey, for example, is only 9 miles by 5 miles, which is the average size of a supermarket parking lot here in good old New Jersey.

And the population of Jersey is about 100,000 which is probably about the average number of people doing over 80mph on New Jersey's Garden State Parkway at any given time.

The original Jersey sounds like an awesome place. It's only 19 miles off the coast of France and it's slogan is 'the island break". Sounds pretty awesome.

So there it is. A quick look at the place that is the inspiration for our beloved state's name.

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