February 14th, the day to show your true love.  I have always considered Valentine’s Day one to show the woman in your life how much you love her.  Yet, many women still stress over what to get their man for V-Day.  According to new data, 45% of men and 19% of women believe guys should also be spoiled on Valentine’s Day.  37% of men said they would be “devastated” if their significant other forgot about them on the big day.  I’m no love expert, but making us guys happy is easy.  Here’s some help on what we really want Feb. 14.

  • (photo: gpointstudio, ThinkstocK)
    (photo: gpointstudio, ThinkstocK)

    To Actually Remember it's Valentine's Day

    Remember, the majority of us guys (including myself) believe Valentine’s Day is for you. So the fact that we are able to remember February 14th, lineup a nice gift or some plans and not end up getting you two week old homeless looking roses from the Exxon on the way home from work is a win. That’s a gift we give ourselves.

  • (photo: Tom Perkins, Thinkstock)
    (photo: Tom Perkins, Thinkstock)


    While I don’t think you should have to cook for us on Valentine’s Day, if you are, make it steak. No man is unhappy with a nice steak, or burger, or part of a cow. Seriously, our favorite home cooked meal by you is perfect. What’s the best way to a man’s heart?

  • (photo: Mark Stout, Thinkstock)
    (photo: Mark Stout, Thinkstock)

    Time Alone With You

    Yes, we like spending time with you. We just like spending time with you…doing nothing. No annoying calls from your sister (no, no, we love your sister.) No texts from your needy friend (no, no, we love your needy friend.) I should probably stop there, you get the point. No kids, no phones, no distractions. Which leads me our last idea.

  • (photo: Bartosz Wardziak, Thinkstock)
    (photo: Bartosz Wardziak, Thinkstock)


    Did you really think we weren’t going to end up here? It takes very little to make most of us guys happy. And yes, ideally we would like sex everyday. But if we’re keeping things honest here, sex is what most guys want for Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s the ultimate expression of love. I wonder how many times that line actually works? If you’re looking to make it the best February 14 ever, mix it up. This is where I stop going into details and let you get creative.

    Bottom line, the thing guys want the most on Valentine’s Day is to make you happy and to not do anything stupid. The rest is icing on the cake.

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