I have seen some bad driving. I live in New Jersey. Of course I've seen bad driving. But there is no bad driving quite like the bad driving that happens in a supermarket parking lot.

What happens to us in the supermarket parking lot? We are civilized, nice people...until we get to that parking lot. Once in there, all bets are off. Everybody else there is the worst driver in our mind. Everybody is in a battle for the next available parking spot, and people think they can break every rule of the road to get it.

And how about that signal light, that is supposed to alert you to the fact that the next spot belongs to the car who's got the blinker on. The problem is the person leaving  just got there and has about eight minutes of packing the car before they leave. But that doesn't matter to blinker guy. He'll sit there in the middle of that lane like he owns it.

Then there's those shopping carts. Did some sign somewhere alert us to the fact that we could leave them anywhere we want to? Or we pull the old two wheels on a curb trick! We've all done it, I just can't figure out why. Of course if you have kids in the car, or a physical reason you can't put them back,  that's a different story, but the rest of us have to do better!

Maybe we can bring our New Jersey charm and patience to the supermarket parking lot. I know what you're thinking. "I will as soon as everybody else learns to drive!" That's so New Jersey (and I love it)!