If you are looking for some statistics that will make you want to finally quit smoking for good, these stats may be just what you are looking for.

When you realize how much money it costs a New Jersey smoker to keep up their cigarette smoking habit here in New Jersey, you will be floored. And we're not just talking about the price of a pack of cigarettes here.

The website WalletHub calculated the overall cost of smoking in New Jersey, and the numbers might be jaw-dropping enough to get you, or someone you love to try to kick the habit.

The site used factors like health care costs, out of pocket cost and financial opportunity cost (the amount of potential money lost had you invested the money instead of spending it on cigarettes) and then ranked the states.

While the Garden State didn't rank high on the list of the states with the biggest costs of smoking over a lifetime (we ranked 39th), the cost of smoking in New Jersey is still staggering.

The study calculated that after adding it all up, the cost of smoking for one person in New Jersey over a lifetime is a whopping $2,637,168. What? That is absolutely shocking.And frightening.

And the cost per year? That is also stunning. The annual cost for a New Jersey smoker when you calculate out of pocket, financial opportunities lost and health care costs and other factors, the bill comes in at  $54,941.

That's $1000 a week. That's the salary of a full time job. It works out to $150 a day. Are you ready to quit now? We know so many of you are trying so hard to quit, and we wish you all the luck in the world. Maybe this info will help inspire you.

You can check out the full study and the methods used for determining the results at WalletHub.

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