These days my son would rather take an Italian sub sandwhich (leftover from the pizza place the night before) to school rather than the good, old fashioned sandwiches I grew up on.

According to a new survey (, there are still some old favorites in kids' lunchboxes these days...whether they like it or not:

--- Cheese sandwich. I always liked these. Granted, it was better to have one AFTER school when it was GRILLED, but I'd take a plain old cheese sandwich to school...on soft white bread with mayo!

--- Bologna sandwich. And I spell it this way 'cause I grew up with the Oscar Meyer song!!! Again for me...soft white bread and mayo only!

--- Tuna sandwich. Not my favorite as a child, but my mom would mix it with lots of mayo and some celery and I'd get through at least half.

--- Egg salad. I really liked it when mom put this in my lunch bag....except for the stray crunchy SHELLS.

--- Peanut butter and jelly. Well, I know that's the most popular one, but I prefered just a plain peanut butter sandwich...unless it was peanut butter, jelly, AND BUTTER! I used to find that downright fascinating!

What was your favorite brown-bagged or lunchbox sandwich? Leave your comments below.

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