The 'Gentlemen of the Road' stopover in Seaside Heights has come and gone.  After a long weekend of sun, sand and music, we are now left to reflect on the festival and share what we have learned.

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    Mumford & Sons Are A Draw

    While the talent of the festival lineup was clearly apparent, for many Mumford & Sons was the only act with real name recognition.  Anchoring the weekend, they easily brought in the most amount of spectators and did not disappoint, putting on a fantastic performance.

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    Festivals Can Work in Seaside

    After the fallout from the EDM festival last summer, there was a lot of concern that a large music festival could not work in Seaside Heights.  'Gentlemen of the Road' provided that this was not the case as it demonstrated the right formula of the right kind of music and organization.

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    Traffic Was Not A Concern

    Whether people were scared away from the traffic forecasts or took advantage of the shuttles from various locations near and far, getting in and out of Seaside Heights was on par with any other weekend at the beach. Once over the bridge, parking was not an issue for most.

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    Local Business Was Open

    While reports are not yet out about the dollars and cents from area businesses, it certainly appeared as if there was at least a moderate financial success on the boardwalk.  Business was open and compared to the 'Gentlemen of the Road' tents that were charging the standard festival prices ($9 a beer, $11 a cocktail, $30 a t-shirt), it was a no-brainer to shop and spend money at the local places.

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    You Didn't Need A Wristband

    Even if you had no interest in entering the festival grounds, there was plenty of entertainment along Ocean Avenue where you didn't need a wristband to enter.  Live music, vendors and more were there to provide fun for any locals who just wanted a glimpse of the show.