Everybody is talking about what they would do with $10,000 now that the Lou & Liz 10K Cash Code has begun, and we've been thinking about it too.

There are an endless number of things you can do like paying bills, putting the money in the bank and buying some great gifts for the ones you love. We took a little more "out of the box" approach.

We aren't trying to tell you what to do with your $10,000 if you win, but we do want to highlight just how much you can do with that kind of money. Here are some examples of what $10,000 will get you here at the Jersey Shore.

Pay your cable and internet bill...The average monthly bill around here for cable and internet is about $140 dollars a month, so if you grab $10,000 in the Lou & Liz 10K Cash Code, you can pay your next 71 cable and internet bills.

So, in other words, your cable and internet bills would be covered for about 6 years.Imagine that for a minute. The next one you'd have to pay would be September 2026. That sounds pretty good to me.

Garden State Parkway travel...Leave it to New Jersey residents to try to put $10,000 into Garden State Parkway terms, but based on our calculations, you could cover the cost of tolls for a one way trip from Toms River to Keyport on the northbound Garden State Parkway for 2222 trips.

Or if you want to break that down into round trips, it would be 1333 round trips over that same distance. If that's your commute, then you're covered for about 4 years.That's pretty impressive.

Clearly, these might not be your top spending choices, but it's nice to know if you do win the $10,000. Good luck!

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