If you're an Academy Award nominee, you'll probably say at some point or another, 'It's an honor just to be nominated.'

Forget honor. You're getting a pretty sweet swag bag too, with more than $80,000 worth of stuff!

(Let's ignore the fact that movie stars are the LAST people who need $80,000 worth of free stuff, as they are only ones who can afford it all to begin with...sigh.)

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

So, what will 2014 Oscar Nominees like Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Matthew McConaughey get?

  • A voucher for a hair restoration/transplant procedure (worth $16,000)
  • A walking tour of Japan ($15,000)
  • A trip to Las Vegas including dinner and bottle service for 2 at the Cosmopolitan and tickets and a meet and greet with Boyz II Men (Shut.UP.) AND Meat Loaf. ($9,000)
  • A 2-day train vacation through the Canadian Rockies ($6,850)
  • A voucher for laser hair removal or a cosmetic procedure ($5,000)
  • A resort stay in Mexico ($3,300)
  • A home water filtration system ($2,700 - $4,900)
  • A voucher for an 'O-shot' procedure, to boost female sexual satisfaction. ($2,700)
  • A home spa system ($2,500)
  • A 5-night stay at the Koloa Landing Resort in Kauai, Hawaii ($2,000)
  • A 1-year supply of electrolyte supplements for your pet, and other supplies ($1,650)
  • A lifetime membership to a meditation gym ($500)
  • A package of organic maple syrup products from Rouge Maple ($280)
  • A (his and hers) pink and camoulage-colored Mace pepper gun set ($120)
  • A 6-pack of luxury condoms ($20) <---- Really??

That's not even all of it...they'll get a leather phone case, a purse, home acupuncture session, professional hair dryer, personal training sessions, art, and more!

Check out the entire insane list HERE, and don't forget to watch the Oscars Sunday night at 7 on ABC.

Can I just have ONE of those vacations? GAH!

What would you want in your swag bag? Tell us in the comment section below!