Even the most stubborn summer lovers have to admit it now. Summer is over. So, let's celebrate fall by talking about great fall foliage spots at the Jersey Shore.

Recently, The Active Times chose the best places in each state to check out the fall foliage, and as usual, the Jersey Shore doesn't get any love. The publication named Princeton as the best place to check out fall foliage.

There is no doubt Princeton is a gorgeous place in Autumn, but let's take a minute to celebrate some other great spots closer to home. I asked some random Jersey Shore residents to name their favorite fall foliage spots close to home.

Here are some of the names I heard most often. There were plenty of mentions for Thompson Park, Monmouth Battlefield State Park, Allaire Village, Manasquan Reservoir and Holmdel Park, and even a few mentions of a drive through Brielle.

But my favorite response might have been the most simple one there is , and the one that is basically part of most of our daily lives...the Garden State Parkway. Think about it. The Parkway is the backdrop for most of our days at the Shore, and it can be awesomely colorful in the fall.

Granted, it can be colorful, especially the language, in any season, but there is something pretty awesome about the fall on the Parkway. And it is kind of poetic that many Jersey Shore residents chose the Parkway to answer this question.

We want to know your favorite Jersey Shore fall foliage spot. we'll publish the final results of our survey later in the week.

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