Of all the issues facing our country today, especially in the northeast the one I find most perplexing is violence.  Just about everyone who runs for office, especially in cities that have serious problems, pledges to clean things up and at the end of the day they all fail.

I watch local New York news on a regular basis, Channel 7 (ABC) at night and Channel 4 (NBC) in the morning.  More often than not the lead story is a murder, attack on the subway or incident in which an innocent bystander was attacked, assaulted and or robbed.  What is perplexing is when a suspect is arrested most of the time they have a long history of crime and violence but are back on the streets with the ability to do more harm.

In case you don’t know New York has this asinine bail reform law in which there is no option for bail in most nonviolent cases as they are released until trial.  Even when bail is involved the law mandates judges to consider the suspect’s ability to pay before setting the amount.  I know those on the left insist this has nothing to do with the rise in crime but common sense tells you if someone can commit robbery but is set free there’s a pretty good chance they’ll do it again.

However as an observer what stands out is how many times many of these repeat offenders have been arrested, charged and even sentenced but yet they end up back in society and do it all again.  I admit to not have any solution but while most of us believe in second chances I doubt we’re okay with 10, 20, 30and even 40 chances.  There comes a point when we have to say NO MORE.  I know I am at that point.

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