The summer is over, the crowds of tourists are gone, but the tension behind the wheel hasn't gone away at the Jersey Shore.

We don't remove tension from driving at the Jersey Shore, we just change the location. We funnel our frustration on the road to different places. So now that summer is over, where does all the tension land?

I know this one. I've seen it too many times to ignore it. It's not the Parkway (although I think that's a close second). It's not Route 35 or 36. It isn't 18 or 195. As a matter of fact, it's not technically a road at all.

I submit that the highest level of driving frustration and anger takes place the minute you turn into your local supermarket parking lot. To me, it is the singular place where drivers forget everything they know about driving.

Trying to get in the lot or get out of it, all bets are off there. And then good luck trying to negotiate around the cars blocking each lane with the hopes of getting a parking spot from someone who is leaving.

And then there's the two cars that are about to fight it out for your spot when they see you pushing your cart toward your car, and then breathe down your neck while you're putting your groceries in your car.

All in all, the whole thing makes me wish it was tourist season again. At least then, we're spreading the frustration out a little bit.

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