So do you actually believe Tom Brady is retiring for good?  He just made the announcement and you have to wonder why he is finally letting go of the thing he broke up his family for.

Is he getting back together with Gisele?  He has a stellar 23-season career and he won 7 Super Bowls.  He left and came back and now he’s ready to leave forever. Of course, all this happens after he got a very expensive divorce.  Maybe breaking up his family over football was his wake-up call?

He announced it on social media and said “he wouldn’t change a thing” which seems like a bit of a slam on the ex.  Maybe he’s not getting back together with her and he just wanted to retire on his own terms, not hers.

Just so we don’t forget, he announced retirement last Feb 1st before he changed his mind just over a month later and joined the Bucs.  What do you guys think?  Is it a PR stunt?  Is he getting his family back together? Did he just want to leave on his own terms? Is he clearing his schedule to be on the Masked Singer?  LOL, yes, that was actually a rumor at one point. Let me know your thoughts

There is one thing I never trusted about Tom Brady.  The dude doesn't eat nightshades. No tomatoes can only mean no pizza and in Jersey, if you don't eat pizza we can't be friends.  Just sayin'.

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