I know what you may be thinking, another political post. My motivation for writing this is not political.

I believe that Millennials and the younger Generation Z often get a bad rap. They are classified as privileged, needy, lazy, dependent, and entitled. Let's face it, those qualities could apply to young and old.

The classifications that Millennials and Gen Z don't get are philanthropic, motivated, resourceful, and loud.

Lately, this has been my inner thought process every time news breaks of a mass shooting, school or otherwise. Sadness, disbelief that this has happened again, and anger that this is becoming normal. It can't become normal.

Here's the kicker, it wasn't adults who said enough is enough, it wasn't lawmakers or politicians. It was high schoolers and younger children who said: "we're done with this and we are going to try to change it."

So, the "lazy" children of this Country organized, quickly. The "dependent" children of this Country got resourceful. Are they entitled? Yes, you're damn right they are. They are entitled to go to school without out the paralyzing fear of dying.

From generation to generation we all do the same thing. We doubt the young. We say "this is our future" with a sarcastic tone.

Based on what has happened in this Country over the past week, I'm extremely proud of the young boys and girls who are organizing and making this issue unavoidable. It's our children who are forcing decision-makers to listen. It's inspiring to see people at such a young age realize the power of their voices, and how if properly used, can make a historic difference. That is what is so incredible about this Country we live in.

I believe there is no clear cut black and white answer to the mass shooting epidemic that we have in this Country. But at least the "privileged, needy, lazy, dependent, and entitled" children are making us talk about it. I don't think there is any shame in saying the kids of America are getting it right.

I'm proud of this Country, I'm proud of our children. We all should be.

On behalf of the "older generation," thank you.

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