Yes, there is still a smoking ban that is going into affect but there is one South Jersey  beach that plans on doing things a tad differently the Summer of 2019.

As of May 1st, Wildwood Crest will allow beachgoers to smoke in designated areas at the back of the beach but this is only being done on a trial basis for at least the Summer.

Believe it or not, this is completely legal. Local governments can allow people "designated smoking areas" as long as it takes up less than 15% of the beach. And of course, there will be punishments for those who choose to disobey.

So I gotta ask: do you approve of this alternative option for smokers? Cast your vote!

Plenty of other Jersey Shore towns put a smoking ban into affect before legislators made it official because of the health and environmental risks so is it dangerous that Wildwood Crest is deciding to venture out on their own?

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