I have actually talked to quite a few friends regarding this topic and I feel opinions are pretty split.

Younger folks argue that marijuana is much less harmful and honestly, alcohol does much worse things to the body.

Older folks argue that it is still a substance that affects your coordination and ability to react.

So what do you think?

According to NJ.com, Colorado has seen more people consuming marijuana since its legalization, even while driving, but there is no proven correlation to the number of accidents.

But beware, there are plans to start delegating breathalyzers that will test for traces of THC -- one of the main components of marijuana -- for law enforcement to use if they suspicious of a driver being under the influence.

I'm not really sure why people are that much more worried about marijuana. It has always been around and trafficked on the down low. Now people will just be openly using it.

Plus, Alcohol is legal and yet there are still people who drink underage everyday. And don't forget that driving under the influence or alcohol poisoning is still seen happening pretty often among the younger "partying" generations.

Maybe we are afraid of the wrong substance.

Go to NJ.com to read the entire article.

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