We've all had bad days where we take our anger out on the wrong people...but I doubt any of us have ever been as rude and nasty as this woman.

She went into a Dunkin Donuts, and filmed herself for more than 8 minutes cursing at and harassing the staff -- who were MORE than accomodating the whole time -- making all kinds of crazy demands because she wasn't given a receipt with her order the night before. The video has since gone viral...calling her the rudest woman in America.


She's been reportedly identified as 27-year-old Taylor Chapman of Broward County, Florida...and she's either on more drugs than I've ever seen in my life, or she's just a straight up classless psycho.

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

I don't know who I feel worse for, the poor guy behind the counter who has to put up with her and her racial slurs, or the guy in line behind her who clearly doesn't want to be involved.

Yes, every DD I've ever been to says if you don't get a receipt, your order is free. I have never once needed and/or wanted a receipt for my iced coffee or breakfast sandwich.

Clearly this woman with her 'business degree,' claiming to have already spoken to her lawyer, is just a tool.

She says throughout the whole thing that she 'can't wait to put it on Facebook.' What is she hoping to accomplish with this video?

The cashier already told her he would give her her order for free. All she's doing is making everyone else in America think she's a nut job.

And what about the fact that she keeps demanding the employee she dealt with the night before get fired? Why is it that people get offended, they seem to be on a mission to get others fired lately? Someone makes you mad so you feel the need to destroy their life?

This video just screams 'CRAZY' on so many levels.

Ms. Chapman, good luck putting that business degree to use any time in the future...or getting any kind of decent service for the rest of your miserable life. You owe that entire staff an apology.

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