How early is too early to decorate for Christmas? Since Halloween has come and gone, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, many people are already thinking about decorating their homes for Christmas.

On Mumsnet, one woman complained that her neighbor has already decorated her home for the holidays, slamming her as an "attention seeker."

"My neighbor has had her house decorated fully for Christmas now for almost two weeks ... they started going up on Oct 31st. Fully lit tree in the window, outdoor lights, Christmas wreath on the door ... the works. She’s done this since she moved next door to me five years ago and I assume she did it before that too," she wrote via Mumsnet.

The woman explained that every year on "Christmas Day," the neighbor posts on social media that she "can't spend another minute looking at them."

"If she put them up at Christmas and not at Halloween, she wouldn’t be looking at them for all that long," the woman continued, dubbing the neighbor as foolish.

The annoyed neighbor noted that she does understand there are sometimes valid reasons why some people decorate early, but she can't stand that her neighbor does it every year.

"I know there are some exceptions where decorations are put up for different reasons like someone with a terminal illness, a family celebrating early before someone emigrates, etc., but those are rare so I’m not factoring them into my thoughts around this," she wrote, asking: "Am I being unreasonable for thinking that someone who puts Christmas decorations up at the end of Oct./early Nov. is attention-seeking?"

The woman's post was met with mixed reactions. Many agreed that individuals who decorate early are overachievers, while others defended the neighbor.

"I agree with you, it's ridiculous and tacky. However, lots of people love it and I suppose it doesn't do any harm. But I do judge," one person wrote.

"I can’t stand Christmas decorations up until December. I put them up the first weekend in December and they stay up till 6th January," another commented.

"My mom puts hers up in mid November, she just loves Christmas and likes to put the decorations up around her birthday. Definitely not an attention seeker," someone else shared.

"I'm not seeking attention by putting my decorations up early ... it takes me ages, I bloody love them and I enjoy my home being festive. I couldn't care less if people see them / make judgements etc.," another user wrote.

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