I went to the ShopRite on Fischer Boulevard in Toms River after work yesterday and man, are people in a bad mood with the colder temperatures and earlier bed times.

I get it. Really, I do.

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But I witnessed something that plucked at my heartstrings while at the checkout counter. Take notes, people.

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Everyone was waiting on the long lines because of the influx of shoppers who were making their weekly trip after work.

In front of me was a middle-aged blonde woman who was clearly hustling to get in and get out fast. She wasn't rude, just moving with purpose.

Minutes before this woman was about to finish up her order, a family in the lane to the right paid and was trying to exit.

They had two young boys with them and the little guy was not a happy camper. He was crying and then cried louder when either mom or dad tried to get him under control.

It was visibly obvious that these two parents were exhausted.

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Well the blonde stepped in and handed the little boy a small pack of batteries she had just purchased. The small boy went quiet and looked at these batteries like they were magic.

At first, the parents were hesitant to impose.

The blonde responded: "My boy used to get fussy just like him so I get it."

The parents were speechless, thanked the woman and were followed by two calm young men as they exited the store.

Shopping cart in the supermarket

She then looked at me and said, "They're just batteries!"

I just smiled and applauded this woman's actions because this is the precedent that needs to be set.

I don't want to live in a world where no one gives a damn about each other.

If you see someone that needs a helping hand, offer it. Something as small as a pack of batteries or helping someone with their bags can make someone else's day.

Will a small pack of batteries fix everything going on right now? No.

But those four triple A batteries meant the world to a local Toms River family yesterday evening.

If you can pay it forward, please do it because you never know when you will need to be on the receiving end.

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