A sad reality in the workplace, layoffs tend to happen when the economy takes a downturn. That said, the fear of getting sacked from your employer is common. One woman on TikTok even shared some "warning signs" a company is about to do a round of layoffs.

In a viral TikTok, Eve, a career coach, shares four warning signs to be on the lookout for.

In the clip, she states that "funny" behavior from upper management is a sure sign that layoffs could be in the near future.

"Executive and senior leadership, even your managers, will start acting a little bit funny," she says. "Maybe they'll stop engaging with the team in ways that they usually would or maybe they'll start focusing on random things… like, they'll ask specific questions about budgets."

Speaking of budgets, Eve notes that scrapping "big dollar projects," such as renovations, could indicate layoffs to come.

"[They're doing this] to conserve money," she explains.

Another sign to be on the lookout for is if your employee implements a "hiring freeze" — especially if they don't hire for any "single open role except for executive leadership."

The final sign she shares is receiving odd feedback from your boss, such as remarks "different than all the feedback" you've "ever received" before.

"This might be to build a case to put you on the chopping block," Eve warns.

"How to see the signs of layoffs before it gets to that point," she captions the clip.

Her list is compiled from experience; she saw the writing on the wall that her company was about to sack employees just two months before layoffs happened.

Watch below:

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