A woman was slammed online after declaring that people on flights should be weighed along with their luggage when traveling to determine any extra fees.

On parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman complained about having to pay for her overweight bag, arguing that it was unfair that her friend, who is larger than she is and was also on the same flight, didn't have to.

The woman wrote that the "combined total weight" of her carry-on bag exceeded the allotted amount and therefore she was charged a fee. However, her friend, who supposedly weighs more than her, didn't have to pay extra for her own carry-on bag, which didn't exceed the limit.

The friend apparently made a joke about "how unfair it was."

"Surely it would be fairer to use the combined weight of traveler and cabin luggage to determine and excess fees due?" the woman subsequently wondered on the forum.

However, Mumsnet users didn't agree. In the comments, they slammed the woman for "fat-shaming" and told her she should have just "packed less" and followed the airline's rules.

"Consider the excess charge you paid as a penalty fine for not being able to follow clear instructions. The airline website will state what the limits are. If you can’t keep within them, that’s your problem," one person wrote.

"Your friend was joking because she knew it was a ridiculous suggestion. You can leave your non-essential packing behind ... could your friend lop off a leg, perhaps?" another commented.

"Should we then charge pregnant women more? Women carrying twins even more than that? What about people with thyroid issues, or people of certain ethnicities who naturally carry more weight around their middle and bottom? Should we incentivize eating disorders by letting the skinniest fly more cheaply?" someone else wrote.

Another user asked: "Should my wheelchair be weighed too? How about a family with a baby who doesn't pay for the baby under 2 years old but gets to take a stroller?"

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