You may have seen the signs on the Garden State Parkway this past week about National Work Zone Awareness Week.

I couldn't help but think just how important this is to all of us in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, and how it's important all the time, not just for a week. Here in the Garden State, we start every day in a hurry. It's just who we are and how we seem to live.

When construction is thrown into the mix, that is one more obstacle stopping us from getting where we're going on time. And lately, there seems to be construction going on just about everywhere here in the Garden State.

We all wish the construction was all done, and that our ride to work, or wherever we are headed was clear sailing all the time, that's just not realistic right now.

It's a combination that brings frustration to all of us, but we should all try to remember that lives are at stake in these work zones. These workers are in dangerous places doing dangerous work and we should all try to take a deep breath in the midst of it all to remember that. And try to remember it every week, all year long.