Life at the Jersey Shore is pretty dang amazing, but there are some things that are just a little too good if you catch my drift.

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The food, the social activities, even the people don't compare to anywhere else. Is too much of a good thing actually a bad thing? Keep scrolling to read what the absolute worst things about living at the Jersey Shore are.

The Absolute Worst Things About Living at the Jersey Shore

Life at the Jersey Shore can be "rough" sometimes...these are the "absolute worst" things about living here.

Things You Should Never Say to Someone from The Jersey Shore

Ugh - how many times have you met someone who isn't from the Jersey Shore, and they've said one of these things to you? Try to contain your anger as you scroll down!

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Move to the Jersey Shore

Thinking of moving to the Jersey Shore - here are 5 reasons you absolutely should not!

Tell Me You're From The Jersey Shore, Without Telling Me You're From The Jersey Shore

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