Where have you seen or had to wait on the longest lines in Monmouth County for food or beverages? Here are my Top 3.

Regardless of the fact that these places have been around for a LONG time (well...one is only a few years old but the others have been around for many years), they STILL generate BIG lines. I consider this a good thing, because the true sign of a GREAT place to eat/drink  is that everyone wants to go there!

These are 3 lines that I frequently wait in, (but it's worth it!):

1. Chick fil A in Howell. Sometimes on a weekend during lunchtime, this line spills into the main parking lot thoroughfare. But this wonderful eatery has you covered. They have an employee go down the line taking orders on a tablet so that by the time you reach the actual ordering screen or payment window, your order has had enough time to be filled! And if you have read some of my past blogs, you know how much I LOVE the staff at this restaurant...they are the friendliest servers that will go out of their way to make your visit great and your fresh food delicious!

2. Avon Pavilion. This is hands-down my favorite seasonal restaurant on the Jersey Shore. It's on the boardwalk with the beach and ocean mere steps away, with a view of the water and drawbridge, and the most delicious food for all 3 seatings: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don't even care if I have a wait, because I will gladly sit on a bench and watch summer at the shore go by until my table is ready. (BYOB for dinner!) We went there for my son's 18th birthday lunch and you will see me there for breakfast pancakes (the best anywhere) and most likely for my birthday dinner later this summer :)

3. Starbucks in Aberdeen. This is the newer one across from the revamped McDonald's...not the one in Matawan which is also on Rt. 34. The Aberdeen Starbucks has only been open for a year or two (or maybe a little longer?), but its drive-thru is so popular after school on some weekdays that the line spills out onto the highway!!!! Whoever thinks that Starbucks is no longer trendy is, well, wrong! The new ones with drive-throughs have caused this chain to have a giant spike in customers despite all of the local coffee shops we have around. Just goes to show that people are often-times in too much of a hurry to get out of their cars!

4 (Honorable Mention): Let me include here that I have happily stood in line for fresh, piping hot Joe Leone bread on Christmas Eve morning!  COMPLETELY WORTH IT!

Tell us what lines you happily wait on and why it's worth while.

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