Liz Nesnay from Spring Lake Heights will be doing just that. But she was shocked when she found out that her 10 and 16 year old daughters said they'd do it too!

This is the 'before' picture of Liz, Charlie, and Daphne. It's hard to believe that these beautiful girls will be shaving off all of their hair soon.

When Liz Nesnay saw the face of Madison Beggs in the Coast Star and read that this beautiful girl lost her battle on June fourth, her heart went out to Madison's family, even though she didn't know them personally.  

So Liz wants to help raise awareness for childhood cancer and all of the area families who are fighting this battle with the head-shaving event by St. Baldricks Foundation on October 6th at The Friendly Sons of the Shillelagh in Belmar at 2 pm.

Liz's 10-year-old daughter Daphne was with her mom when they read the story about Madison losing her battle with cancer. When Liz asked her daughter what she would think about mom shaving her head in support of kids with cancer, Daphne said, without skipping a beat, "If you're doing it, so am I." Liz reminded her that her beautiful hair would be gone and that she might get teased to which Daphne replied "Yeah, okay mom, but what will they say when I tell them I did it for kids with cancer? I hope they'll say 'Right on Daphne, way to go!"

Then Liz spoke to her other daughter Charlie, a Junior at Manasquan High School who loves her hair, fashion, and makeup and is a total girlie girl. When she found out that her little sister and mom were going to shave their heads, Charlie said "I'm doing it too!"

Liz is so surprised and proud of her daughters for joing her in this quest and is sure that tears will fall on the Shillelagh floor for her smart, compassionate girls.

Liz is hoping that people who see her and her two girls around town and in school will stop and ask them why they have no hair, and she can use the opportunity to raise awareness and donations for childhood cancer.

In Liz's words: God bless the children who suffer.

Donations are being accepted to the St. Baldricks Foundation. For more information, go to