Everybody's favorite Golden Girl, Betty White, passed away on New Year's Eve before she made it to her 100th birthday.

Betty White was passionate about making people smile and animals. All her life she donated to animal shelters all over the country. Recently on Twitter, there were tweets trending about donating to your local animal shelter in honor of Betty White. I thought this would be a wonderful idea.

AMAZING, the Popcorn Park Rescue Zoo really benefited from honoring Betty White. Here's the amazing thing, donations kept coming in for the Associated Humane Society and coming in for Betty White's birthday and raised over $60,000 in one day. How awesome is that?

When I saw this all over social media the "Betty White Challenge" I just knew this was going to be something that everyone can get involved with and donate for a great cause. The "Betty White Challenge" is encouraging people to donate $5 to their local animal shelter. Several animal organizations have seen an increase already in their donations so this challenge is working.

Recently, Betty White did an interview with People Magazine as she was getting ready for her 100th birthday, like all of us. She died at the age of 99. I believe we were all shocked because we honestly thought she'd make it to her 100th and the world was going to celebrate with this Golden Girl.

Let's not stop there. Every year to honor Betty White, this would be a perfect way to donate to our local animal shelters.

Thank you for all of your donations.

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