Beloved actress Betty White was a lifelong animal lover and advocate. On January 17th, what would have been her 100th birthday, White's fans are being asked to donate to their local animal shelter or rescue in her memory.

Following the Golden Girl's passing on December 31st, the #BettyWhiteChallenge quickly went viral on social media.

Brian To/Getty Images
Brian To/Getty Images

Since 1970, White has been involved in raising awareness for many animal-friendly organizations, including the Los Angeles Zoo Commission, The Morris Animal Foundation, African Wildlife Foundation, and American Humane Society. She's even been quoted as saying, 'I just like animals more than I like people. It's that simple.'

The #BettyWhiteChallenge isn't a big ask. It's donating $5 to a local animal shelter or animal rescue of your choice in her honor. $5 may not sound like it would make an impact, but if we all band together and make a commitment, the money raised could add up to a significant amount of resources for organizations that rely on donations to take care of the pets in their charge.

Personally, I plan on setting aside $25 and donating to a couple different animal shelters and rescues here in South Jersey on January 17th.

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David Livingston/Getty Images
David Livingston/Getty Images

Betty White has given us so much joy over the years, and given so many animals hope of a better life just by using her fame for a good cause. This January 17th, let's celebrate her, and make an effort to in this small little gesture to say 'Thank You For Being a Friend'!

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