No disrespect for the ones resting at peace, but graveyards creep me out a little bit, just a little bit.

I might think of it as creepy, but for the people that lost their lives, I apologize.

When I saw this, I had to share. From the sign outside of the graveyard, it's called Gravelly Graveyard, "the oldest burial ground within the present boundaries of Brick Township."

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Another name for Gravelly Graveyard is the Old Wooley Cemetery is a 100 X 100 foot plot of land used for burials from the late 1700's - 1901.

I thought I have to take some pictures of this...

Gravelly Graveyard: The Oldest Graveyard in Brick Township

I've never heard of the coins in the cemetery before. According to, tradition is that there is a meaning of different coins on the grave a serviceman or woman. A penny: You honor their service to our country and their family. A nickel: If you trained at boot camp with the deceased person. A dime: You served with the deceased serviceman or servicewoman. A quarter: You were with the deceased when he or she died.

What caught my eye about this cemetery were the American Flags with the old stones. I actually teared up. Words can not even express the thankfulness I feel for all these servicemen and women.

The Gravelly Graveyard is located on Fairview Ave., just south of Princeton Ave.

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