To be honest this article was all about searching for last year's biggest Christmas Tree here in New Jersey. I saw some posts about the upcoming holidays and I wondered "what was the biggest Christmas Tree here in the Garden State". Like our version of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree in New York City.


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So like everyone else I took to Google to begin my search. According to Google, it looks like a tree in Bergen County may have been our biggest Christmas Tree in New Jersey for 2021.

For 2021 the biggest Christmas Tree in New Jersey may have resided in the village of Ridgewood.  The 65-foot Norwegian spruce was a highlight for this town and possibly takes the honor of the State's biggest tree. Regardless this was one big tree!



Comparing the Ridgewood tree to Rockefeller Center we found it only a little over 14 feet taller. Ridgewood's tree was 65 feet and the tree at 30 Rock was 79 feet. Both trees were ironically Norwegian Spruces.
 Arkadiusz Radek Arkadiusz Radek



So how about for us at home? what's the average size? According to Google, "Standard Christmas trees are the most common size and range from 7'–7.5' tall, fitting nicely in most homes with ceilings of about 9'. Standard Christmas trees offer plenty of space for decorating without requiring the use of a ladder or too much reaching."

Quick question, do you prefer blinking or non-blinking lights on your tree? For us, it's "non" blinking lights. We do go back and forth on color or white lights. How do you like your tree? Mariah Hewines Mariah Hewines


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