Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


Well here we are just days into the new year 2022 and some parts of Ocean County have seen nearly 20 inches of snow, unbelievable but yup we have a lot of snow here in the first week of January.

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I guess the question will be is this going to be the trend for this winter or maybe just a quick blast of snow and not a vision of things to come all winter.


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Because we had a lot of snow this week, I decided to ask YOU at home to share YOUR snow pics here in Ocean County so that everyone could enjoy seeing others folks neighborhoods, homes, and adventures etc.

Funny thing is I asked on social media to see a few and you sent me hundreds of photos…thanks so much for the follow and the willingness to share your home “snow” photos.

I have put together a mega photo gallery with your favorites, unfortunately I had so many I couldn’t fit them all in but I did look through each and every one and I am very appreciative that you took time to send them in. I was overwhelmed in a good way. It’s easy to see that folks love their winter weather and a good snow ❄️

Thanks again and enjoy our “snow album” here are a bunch of randomly selected snow photos from my social media…to see them all check out my Facebook page.


Welcome To Winter 2022 in Ocean County, New Jersey

Listeners sent in their favorite snow pics from the first week of January where some parts of Ocean County saw nearly 20 inches of snow.




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