For the last few years there has been some top talent growing in the New York Yankees farm system -- someone named Aaron Judge has topped that list.

The homegrown kids that have come up from the minors to the show have largely produced and provided some energetic spark and youth to a core veteran mix as the Yankees continue their quest for title #28.

One of the young players who made an immediate impact after being called up from AAA in August is utility player Oswaldo Cabrera, a middle infielder by traded but the value of his switch-hitting abilities, speed, and energy at the plate forced him into the lineup everyday.

That meant, learning two new positions -- Left and Right Field, spots he had played a handful of games combined in the minors.

(Photo: Elsa/Getty Images)
(Photo: Elsa/Getty Images)

He held his own out there for a novice and often enough, made some spectacular plays.

Expect to see him apart of the everyday lineup in 2023 at any of the six positions he has now learned to play.

Cabrera is fun to watch play the game and has such great talent and potential for a lengthy career in MLB.

Now is the time to see about getting his autograph.

Getty Images
Getty Images

You can do just that on Sunday December 18 as Oswaldo Cabrera will be signing autographs and meeting fans from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at Current Rehab & Recovery's Belmar location at 827 Belmar Plaza, in an event put together by CollectibleXchange, Sportsnut Cards & Collectibles, and Bradley Beach resident Frank Luna.

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“I am so excited to work with CollectibleXchange and Sportsnut Cards & Collectibles to bring an exciting player like Oswaldo Cabrera to our beloved Jersey Shore," Luna said in a written statement. "It’s an honor to host Oswaldo, a true inspiration who gave the Yankees so much energy last year, and provide fans with a unique, family-friendly experience on December 18th.”

(Photo: Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
(Photo: Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Luna said that you can bring an item for Cabrera to sign at the event or he can provide you with Oswaldo Cabrera baseball cards for free at the event, while supplies last.

You can purchase tickets to attend the event and get autographs by going here:

Luna said that prices for a ball or flat are $100, photos are $40, family ticket (2 ball or flat autos & group photo) is $220, and equipment is $150.

While you're buying tickets, check out this August interview with Jack Curry of the YES Network:

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