How much do we love our Target?  I could get lost in their makeup section for days!  Seriously, there is a certain kind of joy that comes with seeing the red bullseye staring back at me.  Often there is a Starbucks inside and the Target carts have a built-in cup holder which is all I need in my life on a Saturday afternoon.  We’ve been waiting for this new location and now it is officially underway!  Yes, sometime in 2022 we will be getting a shiny new bullseye in Monmouth County.

So, what lucky town is going to be?

It turns out that this will be a Wall production.  Who’s ready to binge shop for everything we never knew we needed?

The 91,000 square-foot store will open sometime in 2022. I tried to pin down the exact opening date for you but no one seems to know for sure yet.  I do however have the exact location which is 1835 State Route 35.  If that spot sounds familiar, it may be because you used to shop there when it was the old Kmart. No wonder Targets are welcomed with open arms. They are open when you need them, well lit, clean and they have everything you need in one stop.  In Jersey, fewer trips is key!

Of course, we also have current locations in Ocean Township, Brick, and Howell to hold us over in the meantime. Can you tell that I have a Target problem?

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