Bad breath is gross.  However, it can be a massive tell in your overall health.  Have you ever noticed that there are different kinds of bad breath?  As a matter of fact, the medical world has actually categorized them, and it's really important that you know what they mean.  

New Jersey Smells

It’s been many years so I feel like I can share this story.  I had a math teacher who used to check up on my work by hovering over me.  She was a close-talker and her breath was atrocious.  I could hardly focus on her lesson because I was wondering if she was snacking on kitty litter when she was on break in the teacher’s lounge.  


Believe it or not, that is one of the types of bad breath.  No, kitty litter breath is not a thing but  “fecal odor” bad breath is and she had it.  Apparently, if someone has that it is a direct link to being backed up.  Yep, you are so obstructed that it is coming out in your breath.

Here are the kinds of bad breath and their possible health issue links

Types Of Bad Breath And What They Indicate

Bad breath stinks, but did you know that medical professionals have categorized different types of bad breath? Each kind of stink can represent a greater health issue. Here is the info.

Lots of the time our bodies are trying to warn us of a problem.  Our breath is one of those signs so it pays to pay attention.

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