It's heartbreaking that we are already halfway through summer. For the summertime that we have left, you have to make sure you make the best of it.
What if you could spend a few nights on a yacht and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean?
You can actually make that happen in Atlantic City.

You Can Rent Your Own Yacht in Atlantic City, NJ For Just $250 a Night

We found this Airbnb that sleeps 5 people and has 3 bathrooms. According to Airbnb, the whole yacht is yours during the rental period but there is one major rule. The boat must stay docked at all times during your stay. 

We're sure that you and the rest of your party can still make the best of your time on the yacht without actually setting sail. 

The rental of the yacht does have a 2 night minimum and it will cost you $250 a night.

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