Six-Flags Great Adventure is still very much the same with the excitement, rides and food but with some social distancing and masks being required this summer.

Before you leave home and head to the theme park, Megan Werts, a Communication Supervisor for Six-Flags in Jackson asks that you reserve your tickets online.

Your visit to Six Flags begins by standing in line, getting your temperature taken and then walking thru a security checkpoint.

Then you're on your way to a day of adventures.

"You'll start at the thermal imaging temperature screen check which you'll walk through an air conditioned tent and then you'll go straight to a touch-less security scan," Werts told 92.7 WOBM News. "After that, you'll social distance, get right into the park and then you're free to enjoy your day.

When you see your favorite rides inside Six-Flags (except for the Houdini house, that's not open yet) you can still go on, but you'll need to spread out in line and on the rides themselves as well as waiting in line to grab some food.

"There will be markers placed on the ground to help groups be socially distant while they're waiting in line on a ride," Werts said. "You might be sitting with your group but you may notice that there will be empty seats on a rollercoaster. We've also included mobile dining and everyone will be socially distant and there are building capacities in each building and all dining is outdoors."

Each ride will be slightly different with how many people can get on based on its size and the number of people in your group.

"For example, on The Joker there are four seats that face each other. If you're a group of three or four, you'll all be loaded together but if you're a smaller group of two, you won't have anyone across from you and you'll only be seated with your group," Werts said.

In between rides it'll be important to of course keep your distance and wear a mask but also make sure your hands are constantly being cleaned as well and there are plenty of places to keep the germs away at Six-Flags.

"Hand sanitization stations are all around the park as cleanliness is going to be a very important part of coming to Six Flags Great Adventure," Werts said. "You'll also see a Clean Team going around the park and they will be focusing on high touch points such as rails in rollercoaster lines and in dining/restaurant areas and bathrooms."

Those are the changes, well you should always wash your hands with soap and water after using the restroom, but outside that there's plenty of fun to have this summer.

However, Six Flags will be operating at a reduced capacity for the time being to allow for social distancing.

"There will be smaller crowds," Werts said.

If it's too hot this summer to walk around outdoors, you can go see the animals at the Wild Drive-Thru Safari, "which will continue throughout the summer so families can still get out of the house, have fun, see 1,200 animals over 350 acres of land and still remain safe with their party naturally socially distant."

Everyone is adjusting to the new normals at Six Flags, but overall they're glad to be back.

"It feels good, it feels like summer," Yailin told 92.7 WOBM News.

"It feels different, just with the masks," Vionda told 92.7 WOBM News.

With social distancing now being apart of the new normal, there's less capacity in the park, and Vionda explains that it's different but safe.

"I like it more, I just feel like before it everything was too crowded but now we're more spread apart," Vionda said.

The Pavia family feels comfortable and excited to be back with new safety rules in place.

"It's been great. It wasn't that long getting in so we don't mind taking precautions to be safe," Kate Pavia said.

"It's just fun to be out of the house doing something exciting," Louis Pavia said. "It's a lot of fun and it feels safe here so we're excited to do it."

Matthew Kaiser and Lauren Saw have been waiting a while for Six Flags to be allowed to open and they're excited to be back.

"It's exciting, we've been gone for a long time and we're members so we come a lot," Matthew Kaiser said.

"It's pretty awesome. We've been away for so long, everyone's been cooped up and it's great to finally get back to the park and get back to what we love most which is attending theme parks and riding rollercoasters," Lauren Saw said.

The social distancing now in play on those rollercoasters isn't going to stop them from having some fun.

"Whether it's social distancing or close together, either way, I'm still on a rollercoaster getting to put my hands up and enjoy the ride," Lauren Saw said.


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