There is never any doubt about it. When you're on the Garden State Parkway, you know you're on the Garden State Parkway. And in case you're not sure, the drivers around you will be there to confirm it for you.

Not that you'd ever need the reminder, we thought we'd share with you the some not so subtle reminders other drivers will give you to confirm for you that you are taking a drive on the sometimes harrowing, always stressful, highly competitive Garden State Parkway...

The Fast & The Slow. You know you're on the Garden State Parkway when you can see, simultaneously, a vehicle going way too slow. And the speeding car is usually the one on your right and the slower on on your left.

The Fast & The Slow Part II. You know you're on the Garden State Parkway when other cars speed up and slow down as necessary to block you from entering the Parkway. If there's room in front of them, they speed up to close the gap. If you're merging on the side of their vehicle, they'll slow down to force you to get behind them. Thanks everyone!

The Fast & The Slow Part III. You're sure you're on the Parkway when the 'stay right except to pass' concept is torn up, shredded, burned and disposed of as you as you enter the highway. The slowest of all cars (usually from out of state) is causing havoc in the left lane, forcing the more aggressive drivers to tailgate the middle lane drivers and then pass them at warp speed in the right lane. Good times.

A couple of things about our list. These driving gems are certainly not limited to the Parkway, but they do seem to be showcased a lot there.  And in no way are we attempting to say that these are the only giveaways that you're on the Parkway. Far from it. This is just the tip of the stress iceberg that is the GSP.

Please feel free to share your "You Know Your on the Parkway" moments with us. Sometimes it feels better to get it off your chest.

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