You hear advice on how to find your perfect match through online dating, but the "when" may be just as important, and you may have missed your best chance.

According to a report on the Daily Mail website, Boxing Day, December 26th, may have been the perfect day to find love. If that's true, the bad news is, you obviously just missed it..

Apparently, the day with the most opportunity for you is right after Christmas because people are just winding down from time with family and friends. That, coupled with the fact that those close to you may have been peppering you with relationship questions, leave the door wide open for single people to start thinking about relationships. if you want to make a note for next year, the exact best time is 5:18pm on December 26th.

I have also read studies that say the same feelings might be around right after New Year's Day, so the window may still be open for anyone still looking for their perfect match online! It's never too late, right? Good luck!