The final three voting choices came down to Oswald, Odin, and Bo. All had adorable meanings, but here's which name won:

This adorable African Penguin had to await a name until its gender could be determined. Once the blood test revealed it to be a boy, the name suggestions started rolling in.

And there were so many adorable ones, but the Jenk's Aquarium staff narrowed down your suggestions to three:

-- Oswald (after the Batman villain Oswald Cobblepot -- aka The Penguin)

-- Oden (after the Norse god of wisdom and magic)

-- BO (for Betty and Onyx, the chick's parents)

And the winner is.......


Although Oswald is not yet permanently out in the grown-up penguins' territory, the Aquarium is starting the process of integrating him, so CLICK HERE for updates from Jenk's on when you will be able to go visit him!

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