Are you having a Friendsgiving celebration this weekend? If we are being honest, I like Friendsgiving better than Thanksgiving its self. Don't tell my mom though.

I read this new survey that said a lot of young adults prefer to celebrate the holidays with their friends rather than their family. According to Food Tribe, at a Friendsgiving you don't have to endure the awkward questioning from that one nosey aunt, you get to be around people you actually want to be around, and you don't even have to bite your tongue.

So people all over the world are going to be celebrating Friendsgiving this weekend, including me. And let me tell you, I've been stressed! My boyfriend and I are having our 1st annual Friendsgiving celebration, and I didn't know hosting would be this hectic.

If you are stressing out I was, and don't know how to bring everything together smoothly, let me tell you what I did that made everything ten times easier.

First, come up with a set menu. Don't let your friends decide what to bring. If you are hosting, plan out the food items all the way down to the rolls. Next, decide what dishes you will make yourself. I suggest taking on the meats like the turkey, wings or meatballs. From there create a list of everything else that needs to be made. I suggest using Evite to send out your invitations. They have an option where you can list out all the foods you need and have people check off what they are able to bring. This takes the load a pressure off of you to make everything.

I told my guest, no entry! You can't come empty-handed.

Make sure you let your guests know it's BYOB. If everyone brings their drink of choice, no one will be unsatisfied if there isn't any tequila. Also be sure to plan out your games, music playlists, and background movies.

Good luck!


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