We have been telling you about all these virtual activities to try while we sit in quarantine because let's face it, you can watch too much Netflix.

And now, we have found a new activity that is perfect for you animal lovers.

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Believe it or not, there are zoos across the entire world that are offering virtual tours so you can technically see just about any animal that your heart desires!

Let's take a look at all of your different options.

You can take a virtual stroll through this sanctuary using Google Street View. Just drop the little yellow Pegman onto the map and get to exploring!

You can also check out the webcames that are streaming footage of Aussie wildlife. The webcams include: Koala Joey cam, Lone Pine Koala Train cam, Koala Forest cam, Koala Pocket cam, Koala Close up cam, Dingo Puppy cam and Dingo cam.

Tarongo Zoo - Australia

This is another zoo that you can explore using Google Street View.

OR, give their exciting Virtual Reality experiences a try. You just need to download Google Expeditions and search for the Tarongo Zoo. You need to have Google Cardboard viewer for VR. Click here for instructions on how to download.

San Diego Zoo - California

This zoo has taken learning to the next level because their website is dedicated

Credit: Herpetological Associates
Credit: Herpetological Associates

ENTIRELY to kids. They can educate you and your kids about different animals and you can even play games or do arts and crafts!

During the virtual visit, you will get to see apes, elephants, polar bears and tigers...OH MY! Just click THIS LINK to start your virtual tour!

Houston Zoo - Texas

This zoo is home to over 700 different species and homes thousands of animals. How would you like the chance to learn about them all? Click HERE to start learning.

Houston Zoo has six animals cams. Check out their live webcams here.

How would you like a sneak peek into the underwater world? This aquarium has live webcams where you can hang with the sharks, chill with sea birds or even do the Happy Feet dance with penguins. Click here to check out their live webcams.

This zoo is ready for the virtual era. You can take a Virtual Tour by clicking here OR you can check out their live webcams that show you an up-close look at some unique species. There is the flamingo cam, sulawesi crested macaque cam and a meerkat cam!


This zoo offers quite a few webcam live streams that will show you an up-close and personal look at jellyfish, piranhas, sea lions, beluga whales and so much more. Click here to check out their live streams. 

This zoo is home to the world-gamous and absolutely adorable baby hippo named Fiona. You can check out a whole video series about Fiona and some of her other beautiful animal friends HERE.

The zoo also hosts Home Safari Facebook Live sessions on their Facebook Page from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM on weekdays. (Cincinnati time)

This zoo is also offering live webcams where you can explore and learn about lions, giant pandas, elephants and even naked mole rats. You can also learn about each animal's care routine and other fun facts!

Ouwehans Dierenpark - Netherlands

This live stream is overflowing with adorable because seriously, what is cuter than two twin polar bear cubs. Click here for the live Pandacam!

There are a lot of cool options listed here and so many different animals that you can watch closely and learn about.

Here is a fun Quarantine activity: try to check out all of the live webcams above!

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