At exactly 12:57 this afternoon our unwanted guest yet constant companion, Winter 2014, will be history.

To that I say "see ya"! I know Liz mentioned yesterday that this was only the 8th worst winter in the past 120 years or something, but I'm felt worse than that to me. Snow in just about every forecast, polar vortex and salt shortages are just some of the conditions that drove us crazy on a regular basis.

I'm pretty sure this winter won't just respect the calendar and just quietly go away. This is the kind of winter that wants to take some surprises and throw them over the fence so they land on spring's front lawn, but we're ready for it.

By the way, the Farmer's Almanac says that April and May will be a little warmer than normal with less precipitation, and the summer will be hotter than normal, especially in July and mid to late August.

I may regret this by mid summer, but as far as I'm concerned, bring on the hot! I'm sick of cold winds and snow covered in pollution and dirt. Happy Spring!